Sodium MCA HydroChloric Acid
 TriChloro Acetyl

 Chloro Acetyl

 Methyl MonoChloro

 Sodium HypoChloride


Specifications of CHLORO ACETYLCHLORIDE - (CAS No. 79-04-09)


Colour Water White
Odour Sharp Pungent Odour
Purity Percentage
(By Chemical Analysis)
(By G.C.)

98.0% to 102.0%
98.0% Min.
Low Impurites 0.5% Max
High Impurites 1.5% Max
Specific Gravity at 25oC 1.416 to 1.420
Boiling Range 97% distill below 110oC
Packing Standard 275 kg net in HMHDPE Barrel
Uses Widely used in the Synthesis of Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Hazard Chloro Acetyl Chloride is an extremely Corrosive liquid, undergoes violent exothermic reactions in presence of water or alcohols with the liberation of Hydrogen Chloride gas.